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Safety lanyard Mod.50 Climax 1.75m scaff.hook

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The energy absorber Climax mod. 50, together with a safety harness, is an indispensable element for a safe fall arrest system. The energy absorber is designed to protect when installing scaolding, and it enables the user to be secured to the structure.
Securing strap: made of woven synthetic fibre of 40mm nominal width. With a tubular construction and incorporating an elastic inside to avoid undesired stretching of the strap. Energy absorber: Energy absortion strap.
1 connector mod. 32: Steal directional connector. Automatic threaded locking system. Used for anchoring or to connect in structures. MBL: 22 kN. 18mm opening.
1 connector mod. 31: Directional steel connector with an automatic jocking system. Appropiate for connection to large diameter structures. MBL: 22kN. 54 mm opening.
The lifetime estimated of this product is 10 years and 5 years after the first use.
Total length: 1.50m. Weight: 1.1 kg.