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MSA FLEXI Filters (Pack of 5 Pairs)

Price from £50.50 Ex VAT

-The masks in the Advantage series are fitted with the innovative TabTec® and FLEXIfilters

-These filters protect against toxic gases, vapours and particles

-The FLEXIfilter is a highly innovative particle filter

-With its flat design, hardly noticeable breathing resistance and light weight, it offers unsurpassed comfort

-The FLEXIfilter is approved for protection against dust according to EN 143

-It is available in the filter classes P2, P3, P2 OR and P3 OR (Odour Removal)

-The filter material is assembled according to class and performance. To eliminate unpleasant odours, thin layers of charcoal material are added

-These versions are tested for 5 times the ozone threshold limit value for 8 hours

-The FLEXIfilter is suitable for applications where particle aerosols and odours occur

-Since the filters fit well under a welder’s hood, they are used by many welders

The service life of respiratory filters depends on the ambient atmosphere, the user and the conditions of use

Gas filters must be replaced at the latest when odour, taste or irritation is detected

Gas filters against toxic or odourless gases must be replaced after a single use The end of the service life of particle filters becomes apparent when breathing resistance increases