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Dräger Nitrous 0,2/a Tubes 0,2 - 30 ppm Pack Of 10 Tubes.

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Use these Drager short-term detection tubes to detect Nitrous Fumes.  They are used to determine the precesence of nitrous gases (NO, NO2) in air, exhaust gases, welding gases and afterdamp.

They have a measurement range of 0.2 to 6 ppm / 5 to 30 ppm and come in a pack of 10 tubes.  These tubes have a shelf life of 2 years.

Key Features


  • Designed for short-term, on-the-spot measurement
  • Can take between 10 seconds to 15 minutes to gather a reading
  • Applications may include concentration fluctuations in the workplace, measurement of contaminants in breathing zone, and confined spaces
  • Can be used as pre-entry checks

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