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Climax 725 A2P3 Combined Filter for Climax 731 Respirator Masks

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The Climax 725 A2P3 filter is designed to be used with the 731-S and 731-C masks and masks with a standard thread (DIN EN 148/1).

The filter is made up of two main parts:

  • Filter against A-type gases. It is made out of plastic and bell-shaped in order to enable better airflow.
  • Filter P3 against particles that allows inhalation while retaining solid and liquid particles. It is fitted over the gas filter.

CE Certification

Norms: EN 148/1 (thread)
EN 14387:2004+A1:2008 (filter)
Health and safety requirements of R.D.1407/1992
Control body number: Nº0082

Test Results

Continuous inhaled flow resistance:

  • At 30 l/min: Satisfactory
  • At 95 l/min: Satisfactory

Protective capacity of the filter at 5000 ppm and 30l/min against:

  • C6H12: Satisfactory

Filtering effectiveness against a:

  • NaCI aerosol: Satisfactory
  • Paraffin mist: Satisfactory

Filter penetration after the clogging test with dolomite dust: Satisfactory


This equipment should not be used in the following situations:

  • Oxygen-Deficient atmospheres (less than 19,5%)
  • Immediately dangerous to life or health (IDHL)
  • Unknown contaminants
  • Unknown concentrations of contaminants


Skilled persons who have been adequately trained or who use the belt under the supervision of a competent supervisor may only use the filter 725.