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Climax 725 ABEK2HgP3 Combined Filter for Climax 731 Respirator Masks

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The Climax 725 ABEK2HgP3 filter is designed to be used with the 731-S and 731-C masks and masks with a standard thread (DIN EN 148/1).

The filter is made up of two main parts:

  • Filter against gases and vapours from chemical compounds. It is made out of plastic and bell-shaped in order to enable better airflow.
  • Filter P3 against particles. It has a tapered casing with a hole at the top for air intake and contains the filtering medium inside that allows inhaled while retaining solid and liquid particles. It is fitted over the gas filter.

CE Certification

Norms: EN 148/1 (thread)
EN 14387:2004+A1:2998 (filter)
Health and safety requirements of R.D.1407/1992
Control body number: Nº0082

Test Results

Continuous inhaled flow resistance:

  • At 30 l/min: Satisfactory
  • At 90 l/min: Satisfactory

Protective capacity of the filter at 5000 ppm and 30l/min against:

  • C6H12: Satisfactory
  • Cl2: Satisfactory
  • H2S: Satisfactory
  • HCN: Satisfactory
  • SO2: Satisfactory
  • NH3: Satisfactory
  • Hg: Satisfactory

Filtering effectiveness against a:

  • NaCI aerosol: Satisfactory
  • Paraffin mist: Satisfactory

Filter penetration after the clogging test with dolomite dust: Satisfactory


This equipment should not be used in the following situations:

  • Oxygen-Deficient atmospheres (less than 19,5%)
  • Immediately dangerous to life or health (IDHL)
  • Unknown contaminants
  • Unknown concentrations of contaminants


Mercury filters have a maximum usage time of 50 hours.