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Climax 539 EN166 Non Vented Goggles - Box of 8

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The Climax 539 panoramic goggles have been designed to provide effective protection against the risk of impact by low-energy, high-velocity particles and are capable of resisting small flying debris such as wood, metal and plastic chips, pieces of twigs and branches from gardening machinery, etc. Due to the special design, the goggles have a wide field of vision and can be used with prescription eyewear. The quality and optical class (Class 1) allows extended use without discomfort for the wearer.

The 539 panoramic goggles are manufactured of sturdy materials and have no rough spots, sharp edges or protruding parts that could cause wearer discomfort.

FRAME: The frame is manufactured of injection-moulded flexible PVC to ensure a snug fit, with the inner circumference of the frame containing a groove and ridges to hold the lens. The frame is also equipped with an anchor on each side in order to hold the elastic strap.