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Climax 756 Half Mask Respirator c/w Double P3 Filters

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Climax 756 Half Mask Respirator c/w Double P3 Filters

Main Body

The main body of the half mask is made from soft natural rubber. The design and the material used to allow it to adjust to the face in an airtight manner, preventing air from leaking into the interior through the face/mask join. The main body houses the two filter connectors and the exhaling valve.

Exhaling Valves

The half mask is fitted with an exhaling valve made up of a valve-holder and a membrane, which makes it easier for exhaled air to escape.

Fastening Harness

It has comfortable neck and head straps that can be easily adjusted to the right length.


The filters are secured to the half mask with a thread system


The equipment must not be used in environments where the level of oxygen is lower than 19.5%.

CE Certification

Regulation (EU) 2016/425
CE Certification
Norm: EN 140:1999
Control body number: 0082

Test Results

Temperature Resistance: Satisfactory

Breathing Resistance:

Inhalation 30 l/min: Satisfactory
Inhalation 95 l/min: Satisfactory
Inhalation 160 l/min: Satisfactory
Exhalation 160 l/min: Satisfactory

CO2 Content: Satisfactory

Resistance Against the Traction Elements

Harness Straps: Satisfactory
Connectors: Satisfactory
Exhaling Valve-holder: Satisfactory

Inflammability: Satisfactory

Inward Leakage: Satisfactory

Practical Behaviour: Satisfactory